Generate standardized epidemiological data after calibration of local representatives from 11 countries on dental caries, impact on quality of life and sugar consumption in children from the first year of life until adolescence.

  • Analyze the impact of dental caries on the quality of life from early ages to adolescence.
  • Understand and study the determinants of dental caries and other oral conditions, and the causal models that may develop during the course of life.
  • Generate standardized data (professionals with previous training) of caries in LA, to understand health inequalities (associated with general health).
  • Generate a consensus of protocols or guides based on local scientific evidence, with the purpose of suggesting models of prevention and treatment of dental caries.
  • Obtain tools to monitor the disease in a regional database, by nodes and by country.
  • Share with the Ministry of Health of each country the data obtained, with the purpose of focusing on new policies with scientific evidence in LA.
  • Promote training and research, with the aim of increasing the number of researchers in 11 LA countries.